Product Description

Run out of willing faces? We have the answer – Mehron’s . Guaranteed to hold still, not rub his or her eyes and never run out of patience. This professional quality, washable practice head is the ideal learning tool to perfect face painting basics, practice specific techniques, test new makeup products and create your own unique designs. Made of durable vinyl which is smooth in texture allowing easy paint applications and ease of blending shades and colors. Clean with makeup remover and/or soap and water.


Care Instructions

Before each use: to prevent staining, liberally spray with a barrier spray or hairspray. Let dry and apply a second layer. Allow to dry completely before markup application.

After use: Use an oil based remover, to remove the top layer of makeup. Using alcohol, wipe down the practice head to sanitize for the next use. To remove any staining clean the practice head with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser®.

Please note

-some products such as powders only adhere to the head after other cream makeup has been applied first.

-Do not use henna ink or permanent markers on practice head.

Approx. 8″ x 10″ x 18″.


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