Destyn McClaflin

The Master Bruise Wheel is an essential piece of any FX makeup kit. You can achieve so may different gory looks with Just the colours in this amazing wheel. Everyone from pros to first time enthusiasts can easily use this wheel. The creme makeup blends beautifully and stay on all day long when set with Neutral Set. As someone with sensitive and acne prone skin I really appreciate that Ben Nye makeup is made with quality product that are gentle on the skin. If you want to start your FX makeup journey this is the product to start with.


Mandy Mattson

Who doesn’t dream of learning charms and enchantments?  Before you can you need a wand to choose you before you can swish and flick your heart out. Our wands come in a variety of styles and finishes. I absolutely love the variety of colours. We have some with a silver or shimmering bronze finish, and of course the classic brown wooden look! We have original styles AND the ones you know and love. Our wands are made by a local artist and they are made with love. These bad boys can survive a whomping willow. So play away, they will last you through out your battles!


Laughing Moon Patterns!

We carry the full line, I have personally use most of them at this point! These patterns are very high quality! Comes is actually real sizing, not small-large. I cannot recommend these patterns enough. In my opinion the best historical line out there!

Emma’s Staff Pick May 19 2018

Arda wigs are the newest distributer that has been brought into the store. And they are amazing! We love them so much. These wigs are gorgeous wigs that have an amazing variety of styles and colours to choose from. They look and feel amazing and natural and have lots of hair for you to style.

Some of the wig styles have fake scalps and all wigs have adjusters in the wig to fit a variety of head sizes. Some styles even have larger wig caps so if you have a large head or even lots of hair you can hide all your hair in them. These wigs come in a variety of natural colours as well as many great fun colours to choose from. All the colours have highlights and lowlights to create more dimension in the colours. The wigs we have are heat-resistant up to 215C! But to extend the life of your wig it is suggested to use a medium heat of 120C-150C. This means you can style all the wigs in any style you desire and change it to reuse your wigs many times.

These wigs are beautiful and you should come in and take a look at them!

Christy’s Pick March 26/18


This new Theatre Garage bow tie is my new favourite thing!! The design and idea has a great back story from John Oliver of Last Night Tonight (please see below). This bow tie is all about love!

This bow tie design was inspired by the book “A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo” By Marlon Bundo with Jill Twiss. This children’s book focusses on the life of the gay bunny Marlon Bundo. We would like to thank John Oliver of Last Week Tonight for making this book happen. We were inspired by the book and its commitment to donate to the Trevor Project and AIDS Untited that we have decided to donate 50% of all of our Marlon Bundo inspired bow ties to the Edmonton Pride Centre.

You can get a get a copy of the book at:


Destyn’s Staff Pick March 16 2018

Destyn McClaflin

Face painting sponges are ideal for body painting large areas. Just cut the sponge into quarters, moisten and mix into a water based makeup puck. These porous sponges leave a much more even finish than a latex sponge.

Emma’s Staff Pick March 16 2018

The Rock Star Wigs are amazing! These higher quality wigs have lots of super soft hair in the wig to make it look more natural than lower quality wigs. They have adjustable wig caps and combs sewn into the wig to help keep the wig on your head while wearing it. The wig caps are also large enough to hide long hair comfortably without showing your hair underneath. You are able to use a flat iron and a curling iron on these wigs. They are heat style-able up to 182 degree Celsius! They are so comfortable to wear and feel like real hair. They are so fun to play with and come in a variety of styles, as well as colours. They are great to change up your look without committing to changing your own hair.

With the Rock Star wigs the company does a Wig 4 Wig with every purchase. That means that every wig that is purchased one is given to someone who needs a wig, such as cancer patients who has lost their hair due to therapy. It is an amazing way to give back to the community, as well as a great product on the market.

Mandy’s Staff Pick January 30 2018

Mandy Mattson

Ben Nye’s distressing powders are some of the coolest products I have ever used. If you are dressing up as a character from anything post-apocalyptic, they add that last touch to your make up AND costume! You can sprinkle them right on to your costume for a dirty look, or mix with oil and apply for a really gross and grimy look. Perfect for that Walking Dead costume you’ve been planning!

Emma’s Staff Pick January 27 2018

This 2 Point Turner is an amazing product to help you turn points and pushing out seams. If you have corners or a curved edge this tool helps smooth it out to get the seam flat so you can press it nicer than using just your fingers. It is so easy to use and worth every cent.

Destyn’s Staff Pick July 18 2017

Destyn McClaflin

Graftobian Cosmetic Powdered Metals are absolutely gorgeous! Mix This beautiful powdered metal with LiquiSet and paint the liquid metal onto skin or hair. Great for festivals, photo shoots, body painting or a great pop to a beauty look.  They come in Gold, Silver and Copper.


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