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    All rentals require a valid Credit Card and current ID for security deposit.
    Our "daily" rental prices give you three days with the rental. Your "Pick-Up Day", "Event Day", and "Return Day".
    The terms and conditions of our contract are listed below.

    Contract Terms and Conditions

    Once the contract is signed the customer agrees:
    1) That the Costume Rental Agreement is FINAL upon completion and cannot be cancelled in anyway. The customer is not entitled to any refund of the RENTAL TOTAL.
    2) That they are not entitled to a refund if the costume(s) is not picked-up.
    3) That failure to return the costume(s) on time will result in late fees.
    4) That the TOTAL REPLACEMENT cost of the costume(s) is as it reads on the contract.
    5) That failure to return the costume(s) or if irreparable damage(s) are incurred, they will pay the TOTAL REPLACEMENT COST.
    6) That is the costume requires extra cleaning or replacement pieces/accessories, they will pay extra costs to be determined by The Theatre Garage, based on the TOTAL REPLACEMENT COST.
    7) That any delivery or return charges are the responsibility of the customer.
    8) That there will be absolutely no breakdown or alteration of any kind to any costume(s) or accessories rented from The Theatre Garage.
    9) That any removal or defacing of THEATRE GARAGE tagging will result in a $40 re-tagging fee.

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