Arda wigs are the newest distributer that has been brought into the store. And they are amazing! We love them so much. These wigs are gorgeous wigs that have an amazing variety of styles and colours to choose from. They look and feel amazing and natural and have lots of hair for you to style.

Some of the wig styles have fake scalps and all wigs have adjusters in the wig to fit a variety of head sizes. Some styles even have larger wig caps so if you have a large head or even lots of hair you can hide all your hair in them. These wigs come in a variety of natural colours as well as many great fun colours to choose from. All the colours have highlights and lowlights to create more dimension in the colours. The wigs we have are heat-resistant up to 215C! But to extend the life of your wig it is suggested to use a medium heat of 120C-150C. This means you can style all the wigs in any style you desire and change it to reuse your wigs many times.

These wigs are beautiful and you should come in and take a look at them!