The Rock Star Wigs are amazing! These higher quality wigs have lots of super soft hair in the wig to make it look more natural than lower quality wigs. They have adjustable wig caps and combs sewn into the wig to help keep the wig on your head while wearing it. The wig caps are also large enough to hide long hair comfortably without showing your hair underneath. You are able to use a flat iron and a curling iron on these wigs. They are heat style-able up to 182 degree Celsius! They are so comfortable to wear and feel like real hair. They are so fun to play with and come in a variety of styles, as well as colours. They are great to change up your look without committing to changing your own hair.

With the Rock Star wigs the company does a Wig 4 Wig with every purchase. That means that every wig that is purchased one is given to someone who needs a wig, such as cancer patients who has lost their hair due to therapy. It is an amazing way to give back to the community, as well as a great product on the market.