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The Master Production Kit includes our professional creme colors, tools, and shades that make up the basic building blocks for beauty and special effects makeup for film & television broadcast.

This kit has a broad spectrum of diverse full size products that work on a range of skin tones, making it an efficient option for any classroom based setting or short film production.


BE5 Warm Sand Matte HD Foundation 1
BO1 Bamboo 1 Matte HD Foundation 1
CE3 Cine Light Beige Matte HD Foundation 1
CH01 Natural Lite Creme Highlight 1
CK4 Creme F/X Bruise & Abrasions 1
CR3 Sandy Rose Creme Rouge 1
CS4 Dark Brown Creme Shadow 1
DR21 Dusty Pink Powder Blush 1
EC Eyebrow Lash Comb 1
EL1 Black Cake Eye Liner 1
EP4 Medium Brown Eyebrow Pencil 1
EP5 Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil 1
EP9 Black Eyebrow Pencil 1
ES32 Santa Fe Eye Shadow 1
ES54 Dark Brown Shadow 1
FB2 No.2 Flat Brush 1
FB5 No.5 Flat Brush 1
FB7 No.7 Flat Brush 1
FNS8 Fine Nylon Stipple Sponge:1 Section 2
GR2 *1oz. Spirit Gum Remover 1
HG1 *1oz. Silver Grey Hair Color 1
LCS5 Natural Lip Color 1
LF1 Synthetic Foam Sponge – Single Lot 1
LP135 Spice Lip Colour Pencil 1
MH12 Mojave Bronze Matte Foundation 1
NO7 Soft Caramel Matte HD Foundation 1
PE4 FK Makeup Kit Box 1
RB153 Finishing Brush 1
RS1 No.1 Round Brush 1
SB3 1oz. Stage Blood 1
SCK3 TK6: Light Brown Highlight 1
SG1 *.25oz. Spirit Gum Adhesive 1
SK1 Creme Cover All-Blemish Wheel 1
SW11 Swab Tip Applicator 10 pk 1
TP5 1.5oz Neutral Set Face Powder 1
VP1 Velour Powder Puff, Single Lot 1


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