Thermal Plastic and Foam Sample Kit


Product Description

Are you new to thermal plastics or want to explore a new type? Not sure what product is the best fit for your project? Our Sample Kits are a great way to test a wide variety of thermal plastics and foams before you invest! We have even included instructional sheets!
This kit includes samples and instructions of:
Worbla - Regular, Black, TranspArt, Flamered, Mesh and Crystal Art
Foam - Landau and Foamie Craft
EVA - 2 styles
FOSSHAPE - 300, 400 and 600
*All kits are packed in reusable zip-bags. Great for craft storage!
Please use care when using thermal plastics, heating/cutting tools and use appropriate PPE. If you have any questions please visit our website or call 780 498 6208