Chef Apron (Theatre Garage Brand)

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We are serving up a versatile apron. Finish off your chef, waiter, maid or historical look with this handmade costume piece.


Theatre Garage Brand was introduced in 2013 as a solution to the need of high quality goods that are manufactured locally. Theatre Garage is proud to have many craftsman and artisans as staff and suppliers. We try to buy locally which means producing locally. Any of our goods that have the Theatre Garage Brand logo on it is a product that has been made in-store or from a local supplier. These products range from zombie gnome hats, capes, makeup brush wraps, latex prosthetics and many many more!
Come in and take a look! Ask our staff which items they have made. Or if you have any ideas of products we should produce let us know!

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Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 22 x 22 x 8 cm


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