Crepe Hair


Product Description

Crepe hair is used to create custom hair pieces like moustaches and beards, or use it for special effects makeup like werewolves.
Our Crepe hair is available in 6", 12" and 24" lengths in a range of colors. Keep in mind the crepe hair is much longer than these lengths when unbraided.
1. Choosing crepe. Mixing colours together will create a more realistic look.
. Preparation. Crepe wool come tightly braided, so when you unwind it it will be curly. You can work with it curly if you would like, but most people prefer to straighten it. You may use an iron on a low setting, or soak the crepe in water and let it hang straight to dry overnight. Then, cut the crepe longer than you need it to be and separate the strands by pulling them between your hands. Mix your colours together and continue to separate until you have a good mix.
. Makeup. Do any makeup before you begin working with crepe. It is very difficult to apply makeup under crepe afterwards.
. Application. Apply a small amount of adhesive like Spirit Gum. Work in small sections. Carefully apply from the bottom to top, and inside to out until you have covered the desired area.
. Styling. Allow the adhesive a few minutes to dry. Once the crepe is attached trim it to the desired length.
. Removal. Soak a cotton ball in an adhesive remover like Spirit Gum Remover and begin to soften the glue and pull the crepe away.
Remember, go slowly and take your time. It is always best to practice beforehand if you can.