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We are happy to host field trips at Theatre Garage! But you must let us know at least a week before bringing your class. Theatre Garage is very full and can be difficult for classes over 30. We will offer a tour and explain what a day-to-day workday at Theatre Garage is like to your class.

***Due to COVID we cannot offer field trips at this time ***

We prefer no backpacks, no food or drink while visiting Theatre Garage.



We also offer in-school makeup workshops! All our makeup workshops are taught by professional makeup artist.  We can teach on any makeup technique you like. We also offer the following workshops:

Injury FX Level One: Cuts and Bruises: This is a 90 minute demo class on how to create realistic cuts and bruises using high quality cream makeup techniques, nose and scar wax.
Injury FX Level Two: Blisters and Burns: This is a 90 minute demonstration about how to use liquid latex and high quality cream makeup to create realistic burn effects.
Old Age Makeup: This demo will show how to create realistic aging effects on the skin with two methods, the stage makeup method using only highlights and shading as well as the old age stipple method with latex.
Crepe Hair and Facial Hair Demo: How to create realistic looking facial hair using crepe hair and adhesives. This class (we require you to provide materials such as an iron or even hair straightening irons) will show preparation of the crepe hair as well as application.
Intro to Facepaint: This class will introduce you to products and techniques to create stage makeup looks using Kryolan Aqua colors and how to use them properly.

Our fees are :

$150 one block (90min)

$0.45 mileage to and from your schools from Theatre Garage (NOT CHARGED WITH VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS)

$5 makeup kit per student or a custom kit (only enough makeup for workshop use)

Please contact Christy 780 498 6208 if you have any questions or would like to book your class in. Or fill in following form below.

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