MŌDA® Purple Smoke Show Full Face Kit


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Product Description

You’re smokin', babe. Let out your inner artist when you create a stunning, full-faced look with this mystical and glamorous kit. The handle’s sultry and smokey design is artistic and expressive, easily becoming a unique staple in any brush lover’s collection. Sweep on some powder and buff in some blush with this show-stopping brush set that is oh so soft and gentle on the skin. Standing out in a lively and bright pink and purple, these brushes really pop! They are perfect for display or traveling far and wide.
This smoldering and smoky 5 piece, full face brush kit is perfect for applying, blending, and shading. Each brush is made of a high quality, incredibly soft, proprietary synthetic filament blend that picks up powders, creams, and liquids efficiently. The filaments are supported with a colorful, smoky, water-resistant, acrylic handle that is durable and easy to hold.
What's Included

  • Powder:
    recisely add finishing powder to the face or use for a soft blush or contour.

  • Angle Blender:
    reate a perfectly airbrushed finish with this angled stippler.

  • Shader:
    weep and blend eye shadow over the entire lid.

  • Smoky Eye:
    pply shadow in the crease and close to the lash line for a dramtic smoky eye.

  • Lip:
    he smooth round edge makes this brush ideal for lining and defining lips.

egan and cruelty free.