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#130 Wrapping Gown with opt Train, Redingote and Tunic 1798-1813 Pattern

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Laughing Moon Mercantile #130
C. 1798-1813 Sewing Pattern with Sizes 6 –34, All in the Envelope

View A is a low stomacher apron front style trained or untrained gown. The front of the skirt falls below the bodice, and fastens over the bottom of the wrapping bodice in the ‘en coulisse’ style. This means it has a drawstring in front that ties under the sides and back of the skirt to secure the front. The front of the skirt would also be pinned to the bottom of the bodice. The sleeves are a one piece style that can be cut short, elbow length, or long. View B is in the Redingote style. The skirt is ankle length, opens in front and wraps the same way the bodice does. It has a tall falling collar, lapels, and an optional detachable short cape. View C is a wrapping front tunic, meant to be worn over another dress. It is sleeveless, about knee length, and the hem is shorter in front than in back. The skirt opens in front and overlaps like the bodice. All bodices have four total darts. The darts can be converted to gathers. All Views have a narrow back and the skirts are gathered where they attach to the back of the bodices. Fabric: wool, cotton, linen, or silk View B is best made with light to medium weight wool because of the construction of the high collar. View A or C, printed or figured, striped or plain, embroidered, spangled, or all over motifs. Interfacing: View B—Hair Canvas or Linen collar interfacing. Lining: unbleached muslin or silk Habotai (China Silk). Notions: 2 yards cotton or linen 3/8” tape.

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