Red Worbla (FlameRed Art) Large 100cm x 75cm

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Worbla’s FlameRed Art is specifically designed with theatre productions in mind. It’s very similar to the Worbla’s Finest Art, but is made with a flame retardant component built in, Certified DIN (German Industry Norms) 4102-1 as B1 – Flame Resistant, making it an excellent option for Theatres, Schools, and other locations where safety is of the utmost importance.

Please Note:
The fire retardant is only a safety feature in case of accidental flame or spark. Do NOT set FlameRed on fire to test this or use it in any prop that includes live fire. FlameRed is not ‘fireproof’ and was first created not for cosplay, but for film and stage shows that have specific safety codes they must meet.

Worbla’s FlameRed Art is non-toxic and skin safe and can be shaped by hand without requiring special safety gear. Worbla’s FlameRed Art can take complex curves without requiring a vacuform, and is self-adhesive when activated – meaning that glues are not required to join pieces. You use hot air, water or steam to shape the plastic however you want. There’s no waste because your scraps can be conditioned and 100% re-blended. These leftovers can be molded to act just like putty.

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