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C 1795-1817
SINGLE AND DOUBLE BREASTED Sizes 34—56, All in the Envelope Breeches not included

Men’s Late Georgian Coat 1795-1810: View A is single breasted with only two buttons meant to be able to be buttoned. The sleeves are attached at the natural shoulder and are somewhat long, with the cuffs extending to cover part of the hand. There are two pleats at the back where the tails are attached to the back. The coat front is cut rather severely back from the waist. The bottom length is to the knee. The coat is fully lined with silk lining in a matching or contrasting color. The upper center back lining is the only piece that is made of muslin. The collar is a very high standing collar with no fall. There are two tail pockets that are accessed from the outside of the coat, and there are pointed flaps that cover the access to the pockets. The sleeve has a simple cuff. View B differs from View A at the front, cuff, pocket flap, and the collar. The front is double breasted with a falling lapel and the fronts are not cut away as far to the hem. The collar, also very high, has a stand and a fall. There is also a different tail pocket flap with a simpler design than View A. The bottom of the front of View B has two cutting options: One is cut squarely away from the front edge and the other has a rounded cut. The coat uses the same fabric to line the fronts as the outer fashion fabric. The sleeve cuff has a small overlap. The cuffs on the sleeves can be interchangeable and there is a third cuff option that can be used on either coat, call the Mariner’s cuff. The back and the sleeves are the same for both View A and B. Fabric: Silk taffeta or faille, figured or plain, striped. Light weight wool, 12 oz or less, broadcloth or flannel, striped, plain, or novelty weave. Sleeve and Body Lining: Silk—China silk, taffeta, or silk twill. Pocketing and back lining of muslin or light linen. Interfacing of heavy linen or linen collar canvas. Coat Notions inside pattern. Vests: View A is double breasted, has wide lapels, wide pockets, and is cut straight across the hem. View B is single breasted, has narrow lapels, wide pockets, and is cut straight across the hem. View C is single breasted, has no lapels, wide pockets, and is cut straight across the hem. View D is single breasted, has no lapels and has large scalloped pocket flaps. All views have a very tall collar. Vest Notions and Lining material inside pattern.

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